Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We've heard LL Cool J. loose his cool over and over again regarding the subpar business dealings and the lack of support Def Jam upper-ups (particularly former president Jay-Z) give their artists. But I'll digress on that for now. And although Jay-Z detractors such as LL Cool J and Method Man have been the most vocal, just recently their labelmate, Beanie Sigel co-signed their sentiments as well. During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid over the weekend, the Philadelphia lyricist revealed his — and labelmate Freeway's — frustration with the label. "It's some f*cked-up sh!t that needs to be addressed," Sigel said, according to MTV. "A lot of questions should be directed to the people in charge. They need to be put on the spot and asked questions. Because I want to know myself. I'm waiting to hear the same answers to questions that me and Freeway get asked."

Jay-Z stepped down as president of Def Jam a couple of weeks ago, but he still seemed to draw some of Beans' ire, though he wasn't directly named. "It's like everybody got their homie, that dude in their squad that's a rotten motherf--ker but that's your man, so you cover up his faults," Beans said. "I'm a loyal dude. And it's not me pointing a finger at certain individuals or anything, see I'm a loyal dude man, [but] not your boys, that sh!t's crazy."


Beans said his last album, The Solution, which came out in December, has gotten no support from the label. About his marketing, promotion, touring, or radio play. The rapper says he's going to make a personal trip to Def Jam next week to see what the deal is. "Somebody gon' answer me something," he said. "I'm not confused about what's going on, I'm confused about why it's going on." Beans, however, announced he will release a mixtape soon titled True American Gangster, a play off Jay's most recent album, November's American Gangster

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