Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Halle Berry's baby girl has spawned several articles since her birth last Sunday. On Tuesday, Berry revealed that she has named her baby, Nahla Ariela Aubry. "We didn't have a name picked out until just before we left the hospital," Berry told Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell. "For us, it was hard to name the most important person in our life until we met her." The 7-pound, 4-ounce girl born Sunday to the actress and her boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, is not only surrounded by a reported $60,000 worth of nursery items reportedly spread across three homes, but her mama's neighbor and Perfect Stranger co-star, Bruce Willis, showered her with baby gifts from Petit Tresor in West Hollywood. Berry also shopped for the baby at Petit Tresor, buying everything from a $1,200 Mia Bossi leather diaper bag, to sheets and stuffed animals in "all whites and neutrals," a witness told the Daily News.

And if recent reports are true, Berry will encourage her baby to become bilingual by learning about her father's French Canadian heritage by learning the language. According to one of Aubry's family member's Berry is keen to become a fluent speaker, so she can pass it on to her offspring. Aubry's sister Eugenie tells, "It's been a long time since we've had a new baby in the family. It's very exciting. I'm a Quebecer, and it's great that she is learning how to speak French. I'm glad that the little one will speak French, too."



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