Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Kim Kardashian says she just may look into the possibility of insuring her store-bought ass. The socialite, best known for her role in a soft-porn sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J, is amazed by the attention her ample silicone-enhanced butt cheeks receive when she's out in public. And Kardashian is now considering taking out insurance on her voluptuous derriere. She says, "I have no idea where this (attention) all came from. I dress the same, it's nothing new. People just started picking up on it. There's all these rumors - is it fake, is it real? The comparison to Jennifer Lopez. She's my idol (so) I'm flattered, I'm honored. I have not insure it, but I think I should look into that."

Girl, please. Speaking of attention, I guess Kim's sister Kourtney hit the nail dead on the head when she said that Kim isn't Kim unless all attention is on her and her only. Below are pictures of the reality 'star' being followed by paparazzi as she shopped at Rite Aid before treating herself to a mani/pedi at a local Beverly Hills salon. How dare she take Britney's gig!!


Anonymous said...

i'll be glad when her 15 minutes of fame expire. someone should push her ass off the edge of a cliff.

FAMUDiva said...

I hope her attention whoring ass is satisfied now that she has gotten the attention her ass so longed for. I guess she'll be able to keep more bucks in her pocket seeing as though she won't have to PAY the 'razzi to follow her around anymore.

kim 2.0 said...

She don't know where it came from? One day she's kinda flat and now she's fat ta death of course the paps are going to notice the change. She's a straight up clown and her idol is non acting/non singing Jlo.
Case closed.

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