Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Can someone please tell me why folks, specifically Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange Knowles insist on keeping Mathew Knowles as their manager when it's clearly evident the only person's career he has ever continued to give his undivided attention to is Beyonce? But I'll digress for now. Kelly's--whose last two solo albums couldn't even reach gold status combined (of course I'm being least until I'm able to verify it)--former band mate Michelle has made an 'unexpected' decision to record a new album tentatively titled Unexpected....and it's not gospel-related. It's a straight R&B/dance joint. The title is perhaps a nod to her first solo project outside of the gospel genre. Due in August from Music World Entertainment/Columbia Records, the album is full of "synth-y, driving bass samples, electronic keys and bopping drums," according to

Unexpected marks the follow-up to 2004's Do You Know and 2002's Heart to Yours, with which Williams returned to her church roots. However, Music World CEO Mathew Knowles insists Unexpected isn't that much of a stretch, considering Williams spent the bulk of 2007 playing the raunchy character Shug Avery in Oprah Winfrey's Chicago-based cast of The Color Purple. "Destiny's Child fans bought Michelle's last album (which sold about 78,000 copies)," said Knowles. "So now those fans are in their late 20s and early 30s. With Unexpected, she'll be able to appeal to those fans and reach back to the 16-year-old audience and hit mainstream pop radio."

We Break the Dawn is the first single, set for release in April, while Stop This Car, which leaked on the Internet earlier this year, is the second.


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