Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I don't know about yall, but anytime I hear the names Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is their Rush Hour movies. Well, the dynamic duo are set to reunite for a new movie...unfortunately for you Rush Hour fanatics, it will not be Rush Hour 4. The comedian and martial arts expert have starred together in three instalments of the Rush Hour series - which sees them playing two policemen. Chan tells MTV: "We've just agreed to do it. It's like two days ago when Chris Tucker called me. We sat down and decided we want to do another movie. Not a Rush Hour - something new. Now we're looking for the writer." Chan also stated that he is keen for things to move forward quickly as he felt frustrated by the long time lapses between the Rush Hour films. Previously, Chan admitted that he did not fully understand the humor behind the Rush Hour films, saying it was "too Americanized" on his blog.

Chan will soon be hitting the big screen in The Forbidden Kingdom, which also stars Jet Li.



Generic Viagra said...

no matter if is a new movie, as you say the only fact to hear together the names of Chan and Tucker is a signal, yeah that mean "be prepared yourself to laugh until dead", cos this happen to me all the time that I saw Rush Hour.

Denver Dining said...

Oh, wow! They re really convincing and will definitely work. thanks all.

IronGumby said...

You might wanna rename this post or just take it down... I mean there are seriously chacha and yahoo answers asking if Chris Rock was ever in a movie with Jackie Chan

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