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For all you Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas fans, during a live in-studio interview with J.Blaze on Tallahassee's Blazin' 102.3 radio station (shout out to my sister Dree waking me up at of my sleep to let me know she was here!), the singer made an announcement stating that would be making an appearance at College Night at The Moon (located on Lafayette Street) tonight from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. If you read my girl Necole Bitchie's interview last week with the pretty and petite Southern Belle, then you know she revealed more than what folks bargained for. Subsequently, during her interview with J.Blaze, Chilli dished a tad bit more details about her personal life as well as her music. You may be surprised by what you see below in the snippets I took from her interview:

  • Although she didn't mention Blaque's new reality show Blaque in the House, she did say she and T-Boz are working on television projects together as well as on each other's solo albums.
  • She's still working on her solo album with help from Missy, Akon and T-Boz; although Tallahassee's own T-Pain (who she considers an 'amazing guy') wrote on her album, he will not be featured on any song on her debut cd.
  • Dallas Austin, with whom she shares a son will not produce on her album. Chilli said that although they are 'cool with each other', she doesn't like blending her personal life with her professional ventures.
  • When asked about Dallas' imprisonment on alleged drug charges in Dubai a couple of years ago, Chillii stated that Dallas never said that he had been jailed. Folks just made speculations that he was behind bars.
  • When asked about what was different from going from being a group member to going solo, Chilli said the only difference is that she doesn't have to get approval or run anything by anyone else. This time around, if there's something she wants to do, all she has to do is tell her 'people.'
  • Says she was the 'dumb, dumb, dumb' one for letting Marlon get away.
  • She considers Dumb, Dumb, Dumb the 2008 version of No Scrubs.
  • She has anointed herself as 'Supermom' and giggled a bit when folks in the studio teased her about having his picture on her purse.
  • Recently parted ways with TLC manager Bill Diggins over money issues. It must've been something serious because Chilli says ol' dude packed up his wife and kids and left the country. So, I'm thinking TLC weren't the only clients he screwed over. And for those of yall wondering, yes, the ladies of TLC finances are straight. LOL!
  • Here's the kicker: when asked if she would ever take Usher back Chilli just giggled and said, 'I'm not answering that.' She gave the same answer when the dj asked her if she would accept Usher's phone call if he decided to dial her up. The only difference with the second question is she paused before answering once again, 'I'm not answering that.'
  • After hearing the dj refer to Usher as 'dumb, dumb, dumb' before slapping on his Confessions track, Chilli once again just.....giggled.
  • When questioned about her relationship status, after she'd already stated that she was single, Chilli quickly pulled attention back onto her new single, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

So again, all of you fellas, fans, groupies and stans who want to see Chilli live in person, the place to be is The Moon from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. And for those doubters out there, if you listen to 102.3's live stream, you'll hear them promoting her Moon appearance.


I'm telling yall right now, Chilli is dead serious about launching her music career. I can say this now with a bit of hope because I remember her announcing she wanted to do her solo thing waaaaaaaaaaay back when she first hooked up with Usher but placed it on the back burner to record what would be TLC's last studio album. And now seven years later, after more than a couple of hit and misses, she is finally about to make things happen for herself as a solo artist. What's even better is she's launching her new music right before Usher's fourth album drops next month. Now that's what you call promoting your sh!t. And who could blame her? If it looks like she wants to milk their past relationship in order to jumpstart her solo career, more power to her. Hell he did it...and ended up with a diamond certified album. He knew that album wasn't about their break-up and yet he exploited their relationship and used it to his advantage to sell millions of records. If anything, he should've cut her a check! LOL!


FAMUDiva said...

I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to put this information up! I thought she was doing a call-in interview until someone in the studio kept asking her why was she blushing all hard! Then I realized this girl is inside the studio! I agree with you, things may pop off for her this time around. If she's showing up in Tallahassee, of all places, to promote her single, she must be really ready. I hope so cause Lord knows its taken long enough!

Will you be posting any pics of her? If there are any? I hope she has security with her because my brothers and his friends are already practicing their corny-ass, lame-ass pick-up lines. LOL!

Treasure said...

Let me find out they still keep in contact! Chilli real good at giggling when she's up to something or she knows something we don't! LOL! I hope she hangs up on his ass everytime he dials her number. Dumb dummy.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

FAMUDiva: Yes, will be pics of Chilli at the Moon tonight. I'm looking to have them posted up by this weekend! It will let those doubters know I ain't playing! LOL! But I have to say I'm sorta excited for Chilly-Chill. She's really getting things accomplished this time around. She was nowhere near the level she is now when her other singles leaked. So this is a big step for her. She's pounding that promo pavement with a passion these days.

Too bad I didn't know beforehand that she would be here or else I surely would've copped an interview with her!

As for the pictures, just check back or better yet, I'll just email you. Oh, and please tell your brothers to behave tonight. You know TPD don't play! LOL!

Aryssa said...

So my eyes didn't deceive me? I knew I saw her name scrolling across the Moon's marquee last night. I knew it. Can't wait to see the pics because there wasn't way I was going to go up there with all those people. I wonder what made her want to come to Tallahassee?

Anonymous said...

Who doubted you, SG?

SouthernBlackGurl said...

I thought it would be nice of me to post the news of Chilli being in Tallahassee since some of them were wondering why she was only promoting her single in Atlanta. So I made a thread about it and before long someone posted that I was 'a damn liar.' Because the info wasn't posted on The Moon's website (fyi: usually the only time they would mention a celebrity attending College Night is if the celeb was performing) or on the radio station's website where she gave the interview I guess they felt like I was lying. Now why on earth would I want to lie about Chilli coming to Tallahassee? LOL!

The person who claim he/she called the Moon's box office said the person they spoke to said 'Chilli, who?' which is strange to me because after hours the Moon directs their callers to their voice mail box. And I don't know how the poster able to get through to the radio station because the request line stayed busy and the office hours phone also direct callers to their voice mail.

Long story short (sorta): Somebody over there ended up permanently banning my IP address from the board. No warnings or nothing...even though I didn't need a warning since I was telling the truth.

Too bad they banned me before I hit the 'submit' button to give them proof and make the poster who called me a liar a liar himself/herself. Permanently banned for telling the truth.


SGurl, that's a damn shame. I could understamd them banning you if you had cursed somebody out or called someone out their name (you didn't did you?). But that wasn't even the point In that case a whole lot of people on them fansites should be permanently banned. That is so fucked up. It's alright because once those pictures come out somebody over there is going to be looking foolish! I wonder what kind of Admin or Mod would condone that.


youngchillifan said...

hey southernblack gurl..they found out u was tellin the truth and i think u is allowed back to ctlc

Reeebok Chick said...

Shit ca not be that serious where they wanna permanently ban people for silly shit like that. It says a lot about the site as a whole. Sounds like some shit a beyonce fan site would pull. They ought to be glad someone is over there giving them that kind of information in the first place. Who the hell wanna lie about a chick like Chilli being in Tallahassee.


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