Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This next story falls under the category of what I like to call 'I'll believe it when I see it.' The New York Daily News is reporting that Beyonce will retire from the music industry after releasing her next and allegedly last album. The singer's cousin and personal assistant, Angelica Knowles tells the publication her superstar relative plans to spend her days scouting talent for new husband Jay-Z's upcoming label, The Carter Music Group. Beyoncé's first protégé is rumored to be R&B artist Chelsea Thomas.

Beyonce give up the music industry? Please. I can't even see it happening....whether she's a newlywed or not. Scouting talent for Jay-Z's new label? I highly doubt it. As soon as she 'discovers' the next 'big thing' who looks like they can give her a run for her money in the vocal and stage performance departments, yall can best believe, just like her husband has done in the past, that girl will announce her un-retirement so fast, it will surely make us nauseous. That girl will lose her mind if she had to give up the lacefront wigs, hideous concert costumes, the god-awful choreography and her infamous wind-blowing machines. If she really wants to retire from something, please God, let it be the acting! And that's real talk too, yall. I know somebody out there agrees with me.


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Anonymous said...

I call bulshit. The New York Daily News couldn’t have got that from Angie because 1) her first name is Angela, NOT ANGELICA 2) she’s Bey’s cousin on TINA’S side NOT MATHEW’S meaning her last name is Tina’s maiden name BEYINCE(look inside Bey’s Dangerously in Love cover for proof because Angie writes some songs for her) NOT KNOWLES 3) Angie wouldn’t tell Bey’s business and 4) The New York Daily News been caught lying more than once!

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