Thursday, April 3, 2008


The National Enquirer is claiming an alleged source has revealed Mariah Carey is secretly dating semi-rapper/actor Nick Cannon after the actor starred in the singer's video from her new album E=MC2. The source claims Carey is keen to keep the romance under wraps: "Mariah is the master when it comes to keeping her relationships secret. Even though she's a big star, she likes to keep her private life to herself." Hmmm-mmm. If this rumor is true, then maybe Carey is dating Cannon because their both in the entertainment industry. Just last week Carey explained why she prefers to only date other celebrities, because according to her 'only a man living in the media spotlight can understand the perils of fame' and 'any future boyfriend would have to be famous to be able to get along with her.' But is it that serious, though MiMi? Let her tell it, yes it is. She says, "That's a big deal for me - feeling like somebody else can't fully understand me because they're not in show business. It shouldn't matter, but it does, because the energy it takes to be 'on' is a lot."

Carey's exes include record boss Tommy Mottola, Derek Jeter, rapper Eminem (rumored), and singer Luis Miguel while Cannon has wild out with singer Christina Milian, Kim 'I'm famous because I have a fat ass' Kardashian and former Miss USA Rachel Smith. The rapper was also engaged to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks before breaking their three-month-engagement due to him finally coming to his senses after he lost them all after he bought ol girl a 12-carat diamond engagement ring.



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