Saturday, July 12, 2008


Gabrielle Union was lensed arriving at her hotel in New York City on Wednesday afternoon, July 10, 2008. The still single and sexy actress has vowed to put motherhood to one side for a few years because she says she's not responsible enough to play the demanding role of mother. Union says, "Right now, I don't have the same urges as other women when they see a baby. When I see children, I see responsibilities, which I don't think I'm quite ready for. I feel the same about puppies. They're cute for a second, but there's a lot of responsibility involved." I feel you 100%, Gabby! LOL! The 35-year-old star who ended her five-year-long marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard in 2006 also warns women about the dangers of getting swept away and caught up by the romance of marriage, stating, "No one really lets you know how hard it is. You kind of enter into worrying about your ring and your bridesmaid's dresses. But you learn and hopefully do better next time." And Union admits the couple never conceived partly because she feared taking on adult responsibilities.


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Amanda said...

OMG! This woman is 35 and looks gorgeous. Whatever she's doing to keep that figure and look that young...I will definitely need for the future. LOL. OH! And girlfriends' dress is BAD! I'm not surpised though, because she always steps out looking fly. Seriously, if you get a kick out of Gabby the way I do then definitely check out Bianca from Toyota's " If Looks Could Kill" series. Now SHE is a bad mamma jamma..Lol

The webisodes an aspiring fashion assistant, Bianca Turner (played by Femi Emiola, Wicked Wicked Games), who is a prime example of a woman who’s got it going on. I’m talking the dream job, a man who’s got all the ladies drooling, and the spice to keep it all together when hell hits the fan. Think James Bond meets Sanaa Lathan in “Something New”, Bianca is the girl who isn’t afraid to run in her Louboutin heels!


The fifth episode-Devil In a Blue Dress- has been available since today (7/14), but it's not too late to catch up and tune in. I work with Toyota, so take my word for it.

I'm sure that you will be reeled in, so don't be surprised when you are. Also, don't forget to hit me up with the scoop on your thoughts, or comments from others, about the webisodes.

Looking forward to the girl talk!

Amanda Clouden
ILCK Ambassador

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