Monday, July 28, 2008


I never posted any of the hoopla surrounding the allegations of Miami rapper Rick Ross (born William Leonard Roberts on January 21, 1977) having been a correctional officer despite his 'I'm So Hood' persona because quite frankly just reading about it and his beef with fellow Miami rapper Trick Daddy, gave me a headache the size of Rihanna and Tyra's foreheads combined. But in recent days more details have emerged in this debacle. Trick Daddy is now responding to the insinuations that he is responsible for the leaked photos depicting Ross as a former correctional officer. Trick says the rumors are just an attempt to create division within his city’s thriving Hip-Hop community. “We don’t deal with rap beef down here,” Trick told “That’s not in our character. That’s not something we do. We’re the only city that ever gets compared to other people’s entire states. Whoever put my name in this is really attacking all of us.” During a recent interview with Rick Ross circulating on the internet, an interviewer inquired about an alleged rift between the former Slip-n-Slide label mates. During the clip, Ross is “informed” by the interviewer that “Trick Daddy accused [him] of working as a prison guard at one point.“ (watch clip here.

While Trick would not directly confirm any knowledge of the Def Jam rapper’s employment as a law enforcement officer, he did address the controversy. “So what if he [was],” Trick asked. “That just means he avoided something a lot of us in the hood haven’t, including me. I’m not proud of being an ex-con. Now that means I always got one foot in and one foot on a banana peel. I’m not proud of the things I did to land in that position.”

Below is the well-circulated pic(s) of William Leonard a.k.a. Rick Ross in his C.O. uniform. If you all saw the video of Rick roasting Trick for his latest drama, then he's really gonna hit the roof of his hood when he learns what the has dug up. It gets better. Just keep reading below the photo. has obtained an additional 86 pages of Ross’ personnel file from the DoC of his 18-month employment as a corrections officer in the mid-90s. Included documentation ranges from Ross’ employment application and finger print card proving his clean criminal background to signed agreement forms where he promised to “shoot an inmate attempting to escape.” Also found in the reports are his loyalty oath, payroll information, and a Certificate of Appreciation that he received due to his perfect attendance record. Dude was one of those get-to-work on time brothers! The Smoking Gun recently confirmed that Ross worked as a prison guard from December 1995 until June 1997 at the South Florida Reception Center in Dade County, despite denials by the rapper. He was reportedly earning a salary of $25,794.34 upon his departure.

Despite having seen Ross’s heated response to the question, Trick maintains that there is no bad blood between the frequent collaborators, who spoke as recently as this week. “I told Ross he needs to have better people around him. He needs better publicists, so that he can avoid even being asked those type of funny questions. I been in this game for thirteen years, and anybody who’s ever listened to my music knows Trick Daddy is very smart. I know when somebody’s trying to use me and pull me into some s**t. But the people doing this need to understand what their words can do too. When you start talking about beef, and creating [situations] between people from the same hood, you gotta realize that that beef s**t can end with one man in jail and another man gone.”


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