Monday, July 28, 2008


Over the past year or so it's been reported that Whitney Houston was busy slaving away in a recording studio preparing for her first album in five years. Over the weekend, one of Whitney's tracks from her untitled cd made its way onto the Internet. Titled Like I Never Left, the leaked love song runs three minutes and 39 seconds and is produced by R&B singer Akon, who also appears on the track. I want you to love me like I never left, Houston croons in the song. In one verse, the Grammy winner sings the apt line: Yes, your girl is coming back. The long-awaited LP, her first since bouncing back from substance-abuse issues and a rocky divorce from Bobby Brown, is expected to be released this fall. Listen to the track Like I Never Left Whitney featuring the ever-annoying ass nasal voice of the one and only Akon by CLICKING HERE.

Below is video footage (from this month, July 6th to be exact) of Whitney performing LIVE in Kazakhstan. And judging by the video, it sounds as if she may have gained at least some of her vocal strength back. Not much, but enough for the time being. Then again, I could just be tone-deaf. Although unfortunately we may never hear her belt out her most strongest vocal hit, I Will Always Love You. That ship has sailed on to its salvation folks. Judge for yourself.

I ain't finished. 44-year-old Whit the cougar was recently spotted by cameras as she and her boy toy Ray J., 17 years her junior, cuddled and kissed in the backseat of a car. Click here to view video footage.



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