Friday, September 19, 2008


Looks as if twin mommyhood has finally worn Jennifer Lopez down enough to hire a nanny...although she once claimed that she never would because she wanted to be a hands-on mom. Up until now, the singer, actress, dancer, designer...let's just call her a multi-tasking, mini-mogul and her hubby Marc were taking care of their seven month old twins Max and Emme on their own, but now J. Lo says, 'Screw that!! I need help!!' Well, she really didn't say that, but she was probably thinking it. Anyhoo, she did say she's still a full-time mom...if that makes any sense. "I did it for a long time but we started using a nanny a few weeks ago. Most days I get up early with them. Then, when the nanny comes, I can take a shower and give them their breakfast. She's there to help me get things done. I try to spend every free moment with the babies. When they see you and have that big smile on their face - I live for that. And when I put them to bed at night and they melt in your arms. I give them a bottle and wind it down. I say, 'It's time for beddy-bye.' I hold them and sing a little song. By the time you know it, they are asleep."

She sings them a 'little song'? With that voice? She better stop playing!!



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