Friday, September 19, 2008


Master P....excuse me, I meant Percy Miller as he likes to be referred to these days, is on his way to giving Nelly's Applebottoms clothing line a run for its money when he launches his new women and girls clothing line called---wait for it---Miller Peaches. According to, the line, which will retail for anywhere between $10-$20 dollars, (damn, that's cheap!) will specialize in stretch denim for women with curvier physiques. And all you big, voluptuous women need not fret; Percy's line will also cater to plus-sizes. "P. Miller truly is a complete lifestyle brand, which now includes P. Miller Designs for young men, Miller Peaches for young women, Kids, Shoes and Accessories lines," Miller said in a statement. "This brand seeks to clothe the entire family from head to toe and target the African American and Hispanic minority customers and make history by being a quality, affordable, urban lifestyle brand for the community." Miller Peaches is expected to be sold in Wal-Mart's nationwide, alongside other P. Miller Designs. And like Nelly, Percy will also search the nation in finding the most suitable spokesmodel for his new clothing line. The nationwide search will take place via his Better Black TV Network. For those of you interested, P. Miller asks, "We are looking for The Miller Peaches Great American Girl... is it you? Tell us what makes you The Miller Peaches Great American Girl for a chance at an opportunity with our national advertising campaign for Miller Peaches clothing." Good grief.

Speaking of Nelly, it looks as if he's on his way to giving Jay-Z a run for his money in the real estate development department. Nelly's currently working on adding property developer to his packed resume, after launching a new project in his hometown of St Louis, Missouri. The rapper already owns Vokal clothing for men and Applebottoms for women, as well as a range of energy drinks...and now he is venturing into the hospitality industry. He told, "This development company that I have back home, I’ve purchased a city block in downtown St. Louis. I have an new sports bar called Skybox." But Nelly insists he's not quite ready to challenge hip-hop heavyweight and business mogul Jay-Z, who has a chain of 40/40 bars. He adds, "You know it’s not a 40/40, more like a 20/20 you know, but just tryin' to stay busy."


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