Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ne-Yo will soon have a cool $700,000 in his bank account thanks to R. Kelly. Last week, a judge ordered a concert promoter to pay R&B singer $700,000 in damages after he was dropped from Chester the Molester's tour in 2007. Ne-Yo was due to join the Kelly for a string of live dates but he was removed from the line-up amid allegations that Kelly feared the younger singer was upstaging him. Of course, Kelly denied the claims. Soon after, Ne-Yo filed a suit against the tour's promoter, Rowe Entertainment Inc. to claim compensation for being dropped. And now, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered the company to pay the specified amount to the star. R. Kelly was not named in the suit.

In related Ne-Yo news, the singer will soon follow in the footsteps of Outkast member Andre 3000 after creating his own animated series for the Cartoon Network. Ne-Yo is currently in talks with TV upper-ups to get his own show on the channel. He says, "It's a cartoon for adults, like Family Guy. I've been busy developing it. I created the characters and the world they live in. And I did the original drawings and wrote the story." The series will be called What The Bear and features a rude bear that has been in jail in another dimension. He adds, "I'm working on the music for the series, too. It will all be original."

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mike belgrove said...

My boy C-Hyphen put me onto the whole R.Kelly/Ne-Yo lawsuit over on Highbrid Nation and I kinda wanted to just see what others were saying.

It seems to me that Ne-Yo was better off getting kicked off the tour. Got all the money and didn't have to work for it. But what's with Kelly? How come this guy is always having issues on tours. Remembers the mace in the eyes things when he was on tour with Jay-Z?

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