Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Heads up, everybody! The Bey-mocracy is coming! It's been confirmed that Beyonce's next studio album (which still has no title...although some say she fiddled around with naming it Virtuoso Intellect) will hit stores on Tuesday, November 11th. Beyonce's new album will be released about two weeks before the soundtrack from her latest film, Cadillac Records hits stores on October 29th. No pun intended, but I smell deja vu right about now. Back in 2006, Beyonce's had originally made plans to release her album B'Day after the Christmas release of the Dreamgirls movie. However, Bey's former band mate LeToya Luckett had released her self-titled solo debut in July of 2006. It wasn't until after LeToya's album blew up that Beyonce decided to run to the studio where she recorded her album in about two weeks before pushing her release date up to September 4th. I guess she couldn't or didn't want to risk the chance of having a former friend/band mate to interrupt her shine and whatnot. Anyhoo, I said all of that to say this: Michelle's, Bey's other band mate, new solo album was scheduled to debut back in August....and has now been given an October 7th release date. Is it safe to say that Michelle doesn't stand a chance at any reputable record sales once Beyonce trollops out the gate to promote her newest album? I guess only time will tell.

Moving on....word around the web is that Bey and her mama Tina will soon launch a jewelry line aptly titled Deréon Jewelry for their Deréon Junior Line. The jewelry line will include necklaces, charm bracelets and hoop earrings in metal, glass and enamel which will retail from about $16 to $68 and will be available in Macy's, Dillards and other specialty stores like Claire's Boutique. Of the new line, Tina says, "I love accessories and we’ve always used a lot of accessories, so it was a natural thing for us to do. For the first collection, I wanted to do a lot of things taken from the street. One of the things I love to do is walk on the streets of New York or Brooklyn and see what the kids are doing, and that goes with our mantra — catwalk meets sidewalk. I saw a lot of filled hoops and charm bracelets, that’s what the kids are wearing these days."

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Yeah, I Said It! said...

LOL at bey-mocracy. leave up to her i-want-all-eyes-on-me self to release a album so soon after the presidential election. Golly, Obama ain't gon have but a week to celebrate his glorious win before she comes attention whoring herself up for her new album. She don't want n!ggahs to have sh!t.

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