Sunday, September 14, 2008


There's no new news to report on Chilli or the much delayed album which had a tentative release for September 2nd (of this year), but I do have several more new pics. Although I'm not sure if the picture of Chilli wearing a purple dress is an actual ad for her Bags by Chilli line, it is nice to see her dolled up from head to toe in an ensemble different from what we're used to seeing her wear. The folks over at CTP magazine dedicated its entire summer issue to Chilli, in an effort to drum up promotion for her upcoming projects (i.e. new album, handbag line, non-profit organization called 'Chilli's Crew') . For those of you wondering, Chilli's wardrobe in these (CTP magazine) pics were provided by Controversy Boutique located in Atlanta.

Hannah, who runs a brand new myspace fan page, visit it here dedicated to Chilli, emailed me more pics from the singer's photospread in CTP magazine. Thanks, Hannah! Remember to click the pics to see their full image.


Last week I told you all that although Chilli's album won't be released this year, the singer still took time to shoot promo shots for her solo debut. The beautiful photoshoot pics below were snapped by Atlanta-based photographer Calvin Evans.



Mim-Marie said...

Beautiful as usual. Has she ever taken a bad picture? Prob'ly not. and Is her album ever gonna come out? For real though I'd rather listen to her sing and watch her dance than watch her carry that damn bag every where she goes! LOL! Even her son looks like he's tired of posing on purses with his mommy. Give lil man a break, Roz! lol!

Z-Man said...

dat's that shit i'm talking bout. thiz how you start off a MOnday. Yes maam, SG! lmao. can't none of thoze other hoez evem the young onez touch Chilli in the face and body compartments. dat bitch been fine az hell since she stepped on the scene

Usher cheated on her fine azz for that old baracuda bitch!!!! Wow! I bet it b Chili'z face he see when he banging that ancient broad out. Damn that'z a dumb azz dude. I'd be up in Chilli'z face all day if she wuz mind. Shiiiiiiiiiit I would even take her to work with me just in case I got horney


Who?Me? said...

I was on bended knees praying that I didn't see baby hair or them damn bags - FAILED.

Klassifyed said...

I'm a little confused about the need or relevancy of a photoshoot. Is she promoting something? Or is she on the cusp of becoming a ghetto hood star that will never accept her status as a fading poplet?

STLPEACH said...

she looks cute to me but they are hatin on this tlc message board I read sometimes.

Anonymous said...

what kinda of photoshoot is this. is she wearing the same pair of shoes in every picture? oh my goodness.

Anonymous said...

Chilli is so beautiful!!! I think it's a good thing 4 her 2 keep publishing photos. So that when she steps on the scene with her new album, it would'nt be a shock to everybody's system. I hear Usher is trying' 2 get rid of ol' "wifey", hoping he'll get Chilli back. He' a dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

She can take as many photos as she want, she has definitely made her mark in the music industry as 1/3 of the biggest selling female group of all time.

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