Thursday, October 9, 2008


Lawd, Tina done did it (again) now! Don't get me wrong, I respect my elders and whatnot, but let me find out Big 'Retha always has to have the last word...even if she does sound like a damn fool. Last week I posted excerpts taken from a recent Tina Turner interview in which Tina commented on a previous statement made by Aretha Franklin. Long story short: Aretha was pissed about Beyonce referring to Tina at the 'Queen' during their performance at this year's Grammy Awards. Not only did Aretha bitch about that then, but she's still bitching about it now to anyone who'll listen. (Read all about that here) Since then, Tina has responded to Aretha's statement by stating: "Her [Aretha] ego must be so big to think she was the only one. That's how queens are!" Now, Aretha has apparently felt the need to bitch back once again. In responding to a recent interview Aretha called herself calling out Tina for the second time. Peep what she had to say in a nicety way below:
“I have always appreciated what Tina Turner has to offer and had quietly cheered her on after Ike and her subsequent success. However, with respect to her statement concerning my ego (in saying, ‘Her ego must be so big to think she was the only one … that’s how queens are’) clearly she was talking about herself as she described herself as the ‘Queen of Rock’ and saying ‘that’s what Queens do’ — particularly since she does not have a clue as to who I am in view of the fact that we have never met. I never figured her to resort to tacky press just to sell a few tickets. I understand and I know that the concert market is down where ticket sales are concerned. I really had put her in a different class — higher than that. Finally, no one has been more gracious or complimentary to their peers than I have and I am confident and secure enough to do so, unlike some others. I wish Ms. Turner all the best, as I always have. Perhaps one day we will meet.”
Why the hate Re-Re? Why? If this ain't some geriatric beef, I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! she just helped Tina out with ticket sales...i would be sitting back saying, Thank you Ms. Franklin and keep talking, should you have more to say.

They're just too old for this mess!!! But then again, an ego can make you or break you, should you not know how to handle it.

HennyPenny said...

^^^LOL! Retha just mad cause she ain't no where near as fly as Tina is. Or will ever be.

ThatchickNik said...

LOL@Geriatric Beef!!!! Too funny.

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