Thursday, October 9, 2008


Better savor it. This may be the one and only time Beyonce talks about her marriage to her husband of 6 months, Jay-Z, their private wedding, if they have decided to have children and of course her new album. Below are more excerpts from Beyonce's interview. To listen to Beyonce's two new singles If I Were a Boy and Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), click here.

BEYONCE ON MAINTAINING HER PRIVACY: "I feel that, especially now, with the Internet and paparazzi and camera phones, it's so difficult to maintain mystery. And that's so important. Even in a relationship, I feel like not being that accessible is really important. If you think about Prince or Michael Jackson, or any superstars, you couldn't see them when they got off their planes or when they got out of the pool and didn't comb their hair. It's great that people see we're not perfect. But it's almost impossible to have superstars now, because people will never get enough. And it's not even about my music. It's about all the things that people imagine about me in their minds. But I can't satisfy everyone. I know that Jay and I probably do inspire people. And I appreciate people feeling proud. But this is the only way I've been able to stay sane, so why would I start talking now? [Not speaking] controls your brand. It controls what you want to put out there and kind of forces people to talk about what you want them to talk about. We decide everything. My word is my word. What Jay and I have is real. It's not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It's real."

The folks over there at Essence must have caught Beyonce when she was in a good mood because Mrs. Carter eventually revealed details about her and Jay's private wedding. Beyoncé tells the magazine that the wedding was very small and intimate, because she's not a "traditional" woman and having it be "her day" wasn't something she needed. Being a star and walking the red carpet has diminished the need for that over the years. "It's been my day so many days already," she told the magazine. She didn't want an engagement ring because "people put too much emphasis on that. It's just material, and it's just silly to me," she said. While she wouldn't discuss how Hova proposed, or even if he proposed ("We've been together a long time. We always knew it would happen," is all she would offer), Beyoncé did reveal this: They plan to have kids. Someday. And perhaps as soon as after she puts out this album.

Below are several outtakes from Bey's magazine shoot.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad she found a man who don't stay chatting like he's the radio station. Now a days, men seem to can't shut their mouths unless they are cheating and that doesn't last long. Wonderful for them and the respect they have for each other.

Anonymous said...

I totally suppose her decision to keep her mouth shut reagrding her relationship with her husband. People need to learn to stay out of married folks business.

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