Thursday, October 9, 2008


Last night Cash Money Records CEO Birdman showed Lil Weezy how much he loved him in a million ways. The pint-size rapper was all smiles after receiving a million dollars in cash as a birthday present from his 'mentor' while celebrating his 29th birthday at Mansion in Miami, Florida. Must be nice. Akon (if you can find him in all that blackness) and DJ Khaled who were also in the building, looked on in amazement as Lil Wayne opened the Louis Vuitton briefcase full of brand new crisp one hundred dollar bills. A stunned party guest says, "Lil Wayne was left speechless. He was almost in tears when he hugged his friend. I mean, who wouldn't like $1 million as a birthday gift?" The Mansion bash was a lavish affair all round - one of the party's main attractions was an ice sculpture full of what else? Frozen $100 bills.



Anonymous said...

Its good to see Beige from Paris Hilton's BFF show with Akon. She still looks good, are they dating?

Why can't us poor fokes have friends who will just give us a lump sum of cash? i would be happy too.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT his 29th birthday, it's his 26th!!! weezy is 26 not 29. "real"gossip?

lil wayne said...

Lil off on his birthday there but damn I need some better friends lol. imagine getting that for your birthday?

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