Monday, August 20, 2007


Is Foxy Brown loosing it again. Not her sense of sound, but her sense of sanity? According to the New York Daily News, ol' girl was spotted outside a Bed, Bath & Beyond store in New York, pushing a shopping cart in New York when she suddenly yelled out, 'I'm getting married in September. I'm pregnant.' Now, whether she spewed the outburst on randomly and on purpose or if someone actually asked her what was up with her is still unknown. For the sake of that either/or real or imaginary baby, let's hope not.

In related news, Foxy's mama is lashing out at the woman who claims Foxy pulled a Gap Band move by going oops-upside-her-head with a Blackberry In an interview with the New York Daily News, Judith Marchand broke her long silence and came to the defense of her daughter and the criminal acts that Arleen Raymond has alleged regarding the altercation. "She said, 'Let's fight now that you're alone, b---h,'" Marchand told the tabloid. "My daughter pushed her away and may have brushed her with the phone." Oh, really now, Mama Marchand? "She knows something like this could compromise my daughter's probation so she thinks she's going to get money out of her, but she's not going to get a cent," she promised. Let me find out Foxy inherited the same 'I say and do crazy sh*t that doesn't make any kind of sense' gene from her mama. And to think: her mama is an elementary school teacher!

The ex-Def Jam Records diva -- who recently made headlines with an alleged, near fatal fight in the lower trenches of Brooklyn --is already serving three years' probation for attacking a pair of manicurists. Seeing as though this is Foxy's second time violating her probation since she was sentenced to it not even a year ago, this latest legal run-in could land in jail over the new charges. And let's not forget the fact that the judge who sentenced Feisty Foxy blatantly advised her that her last probation violation would be just that: her last.

In March, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson warned the rapper that should would allow her to continue on probation with the condition that on the next violation, she would be re-sentenced. “I’m going to give her basically what is a third chance,” the judge said. “I’m going to give her one more chance — three strikes and you’re out. Basically, I’ll be giving the keys to the jailhouse to Ms. Marchand. I’m reserving the right to re-sentence you to jail for a year,” Jackson told Brown, 27, of Brooklyn. “You have the key, but that key will be taken away from you in a flash if you commit another violation. "

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