Saturday, September 22, 2007


Here's a undated photoshoot featuring Amerie and a silver Lincoln least that's what I think it is....or is is an Expedition? I get those two mixed up all the time. Whatever. Not too much of a SUV gurl. LOL! I swear if there's '1 Thing' this girl knows how to's those infamous long and toned legs of hers! I can't even hate! Do your thang, 'Merie! Anywoo, when I came across these pics (about a month ago!), I immediately thought of my boy, KOK (King Of Kings over there on RPMB). Dude loves himself some Amerie! This one's for you, KOK!

Now as for what's actually going on with Amerie musically: although the 27-year-old singer's latest album, Because I Love It has only been circulating the market for a couple of months--which is news to me because I didn't know it had been released at all--the songbird, who hails from a mixed parentage (African-American father and Korean mother), says she's already at work on her next album. I know, right? Wow.

There's more pics after the jump!

1 Comment:

King of Kings said...

You know me soooo...well....lmao!!!
Keep em' know that I will show up to
legs, legs and more legs

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