Saturday, September 22, 2007


Isn't it just a crying shame that 11 years after his untimely death, the murder of Biggie Smalls has continued to go unsolved? Even when shooting was all caught on tape?

Sad. Every time I think of Biggie's death, I'm reminded of the time I saw him on BET's Rap City where he mentioned to (host) Joe Clair that he often dreamt that someone was after him, trying to kill him. And he said that it made him paranoid and spooked him out to the point where he was afraid to fall asleep. Months later, needless to say, he was dead.

Biggie's straight-to-DVD documentary Bigger Than Life which was released on August 28, 2007, is the story of (according to its synopsis on greatest rapper to ever pick up a mic - with his velvety flow and unparalleled rhyme style he captivated everyone from Jay Z to Tupac. Now Notorious B.I.G. is revealed. Hear the stories from his closest friends and some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop: Diddy, Method Man, Easy Mo Bee, Matty C, E-40, Raekwon, Common and more. See raw footage of B.I.G. free-styling on the streets of New York, rare home video footage, a never-before-seen interview with Biggie shortly before his death and undisclosed video footage from the night of his murder. From the acclaimed director who brought you Rhyme & Reason, Thug Angel, Beef, Beef II and Beef III.


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