Monday, October 8, 2007


Say it ain't so. Say it ain't so. Say it ain't so. Beyonce at a strip show?! While Jay-Z was taking care of business, his Bey-Bey was spotted acting the fool and doing something strange for some change?!! Nah! I'm only kidding. BUT, New York's Post Page Six is reporting that the R&B singer, along with three of her girlfriends (Wait a minute! 3 girlfriends? That wasn't nobody but Kelly, Solange and their cousin Angie...cause everybody know Beyonce doesn't have any friends), were seen last Thursday night at The Box attending (and enjoying) the club's risque show while a big, beefy, buffed bodyguard hovered over them.

Sources says protective curtains were also placed around their table for added privacy. "Beyoncé was really making the most of the burlesque strip show," said the source. "She was on the table in the VIP balcony cheering loudly as two girls got naked and licked each others' feet. She stayed until 3:30 in the morning."

Ugh! Why the hell was she cheering while watching two girls licking each other's feet?! That is not a good look, Bey.


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