Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Bryton McClure who plays 'Devon Hamilton', the adopted son of 'Neil (played by Kristoff St. John) & Drucilla Winters' (played by Victoria Rowell), will leave The Young & the Restless when his contract expires in April (2008). McClure, who some of you may remember as 'Lil Richie' from one of the longest running Black sitcoms in television history, Family Matters, says one of the reasons why he will not renew his contract is because he wants to go to college. Can't knock the dude for wanting to elevate his academic goals, bless his heart. Although the 21-year-old won an Daytime Emmy for Younger Actor in a Drama Series earlier this year, as far as his character is concerned, he hasn't had any strong and/or interesting storylines since his character lost his hearing while being named as a suspect, along with 'Drucilla', in 'Carmen's' murder.

I truly dig this dude's talent. And I ain't gon lie, I literally cried after when 'Devon' adoption was finalized. But I was fire-engine-red-hot when the writers possessed the absolute gall to incorporate a storyline that involved 'Devon' developing romantic feelings for his adopted sister, 'Lily.' Now, that shit put the lid on the jar for me!

I felt a lil better once they finally gave 'Devon' a 'romantic interest' (played by Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Tatyana Ali). But still, they should've given him more. All it takes is a stroke of a pen. I mean really! He was only in 2 episodes in October. Kay's maid, 'Esther' has gotten more screen time than him.

What sort of impact McClure's departure will cause for the only Black family in daytime soaps is anyone's guess. Victoria Rowell is gone...for now...and there's no telling if and or when she will ever return to Y&R. And there's no word on if McClure's character will be recast.


Sheila said...

I am not surprised about this news one bit. But only 2 episodes?! that's just plain wrong. He can do so much better. he got the emmy to prove it.

Anonymous said...

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