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If you've been watching the BET reality TV show Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is, you know that the last episode included a DNA test that proved that a man claiming to be this songstress' father was an imposter. However, what you may not know, is that a popular radio host is already claiming to know who Ms. Cole's father is and even asked for a copy of her birth certificate. The radio host in concern is Tom Joyner. Tom Joyner or “the Fly Jock” has been a strong force in the black community for years. Through his morning show, Tom Joyner not only raises money for historically black colleges and other events adversely affecting the black community, he also interviews political figures and celebrities. This brings us to Keyshia Cole.

From the time that Keyshia Cole's reality TV show aired, radio host Tom Joyner has made comments about it. Most of them deal with the dysfunction of her family ties. Her reality TV show also stars her mother Frankie who is an ex-drug addict and prostitute along with another questionable family member. Yet, past statements by Joyner are nothing compared to his recent claim to know who Keyshia Cole's real father is.

Joyner claims that in October 2007, a man named Sam Johnson called his show and spoke to a producer (Dea) for thirty-five minutes. His call was in response to one of their segments called “Crazy Love.” Then Mr. Johnson discussed his relationship with Frankie and that he was actually Keyshia Cole's father. After making these claims, he played the actual tape. (LISTEN TO IT HERE)

In the audio tape, Sam Johnson explains his relationship to Frankie. He met her when he was a “man of leisure” which is code in the black community for “pimp.” Frankie, along with six other women, worked for him. It was during this time that she became pregnant with Keyshia.


According to Johnson, he and Frankie were together throughout the entire pregnancy and living in Los Angeles, California where Keyshia was born. He actually signed the birth certificate as Sammy Johnson. (Sammy is also the name of Keyshia's brother.) He even stated that Keyshia Cole's full name was Keyshia Miesha Johnson - a fact released only recently on her reality TV show. The story that Frankie told on the reality TV show saying that a man named Sal is Keyshia's real father is a lie per Johnson.

In response to Mr. Johnson's call and the fact that Keyshia Cole claims to not know her father, Tom Joyner asked his legal staff to order this singer's birth certificate. The process took a few weeks, but the records department called Joyner's legal department just prior to the airing of the DNA episode of Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. His staff asked them to fax or read it, but it wasn't a task the record department would agree to do. However, an unnamed person did agree that if someone were searching for Keyshia Cole's birth certificate and used the name Sammy Johnson, it would be on it.

The birth certificate was to be mailed to the Tom Joyner Show, but was stopped by an outside party. Joyner is unsure who shut it down. However, he does believe that he now has enough fragments to piece together that Sam Johnson is actually Keyshia Cole's father and that she can contact him at any time. He is no longer a “man of leisure” and actually is into trucking and music.

What the Tom Joyner Show is going to do next regarding this incident is not known. It is not clear that he actually has attempted to contact the singer with his information. However, it does open the door for a lot of questions and the possibility that Keyshia Cole is closer to knowing whom her real father is even if he turns out to be a person that her mother chooses to forget.



Anonymous said...

I tried to listen to the audio, but the link does not work. Can you fix it? I'm a huge fan of the show. I knew Frankie was such a liar!

Anonymous said...

my personal opinion is that these men are seeing the tv show and being that they are from cali and ain't doing it like keyshia want to be in her life i feel when you keyshia find out who he is and where keep doing the same thing you been doing and continue to accept and love your real father mr. cole (sweetie cake pie)cause all the other potential baby daddy's ain't going to do nothing but try to come up with their 15 min of fame dont give none of them sorry no good a#* n$#*a nothing you & neffe super fan
mr. eric g.

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