Friday, December 21, 2007


18-year old rapper Lil Mama (real name Niatia Jessica Kirkland) holiday season may be a little bleak this year. The petite Brooklyn native lost her mother, Tyra Kirkland on December 15th after a four year battle with cancer. Just like Kanye West, Lil Mama (a stage name given to the star by her mother) also learned of her mother's passing during a tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia. According to sources, upon receiving the devastating news, the rapper flew back home to New York to be with her seven brothers and sisters.

My prayers and condolences goes out to Lil Mama and her family. I really feel for her. To be only 18-years old and loosing your mother while you're out on the road has got to be a feeling no one ever wants to experience. This is why I thank God everyday for allowing me and my baby sister to be by my father's bedside as he passed on. I cringe at the very thought of anyone who leaves this world with no one by their side.

In other Lil Mama news, now I know I've been out of the loop for the past several days, so imagine my surprise upon hearing rumors of Lil Mama's beef with The Chicken Noodle Soup girl who goes by the name Young B. Where the hell did she come from?! I thought her 15 minutes of fame expired over a year ago?! Therefore, thus and such, I ain't even gon wake it up to entertain it. However, I will say the sound of Young B.'s voice makes my ass itch. And that's real talk too. She sounds like a ghetto version of Minnie Mouse. And that is not the business. Now, for those who are interested, here's the audio link of Young B.'s answer to whatever it was that Lil Mama said to her or about her; I don't feel like going to look for what ever it was that started this whole mess to begin with...especially after I just said I wasn't going to entertain this! Damn!

Lil Mama's first single, Lip Gloss, (from her debut album Voice of the Young People) dropped earlier this year and quickly became a nationwide hit, thanks in part to the accompanying dance of the same name. It peaked at no. 10 on Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and spawned a remix with Miami rapper Trina.


Jazz said...

wow i send my prayers out to LIL MAMA and thats crazy how young b came at her=[

Elvin said...

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