Thursday, January 17, 2008


T-Pain isn't the only local award-winning celebrity in Tallahassee doing big things in the entertainment industry. Celebrity events from the 11th annual Demp Week bombarded Tallahassee, Florida last week (January 7-13). Demp Week is a week-long birthday celebration which was created in 1997 by Tallahassee native and celebrity tour DJ, DJ Demp (or as I call him, Darnell ...cause that's what his mama named him and that's the only name I've known him as). "Demp Week is a chance for everyone to get together and just relax and kick back and celebrate my birthday with me," said DJ Demp.

During Demp Week, parties were thrown Monday through Sunday, and each night held a new theme to celebrate DJ Demp's birthday. Events included: Game Night at Pockets Sports Pub; a campus 'On Da Set' invasion on FAMU's campus (my fellow Rattlers--as well as others--old and new, know all about the 'Set'!); a 'Who's Who Party' at The Moon nightclub featuring celebrity guests Rick Ross, Yung Joc, I Love New York 2's Midget Mac and Trick Daddy; 'The Ultimate Demp Week Fashion Show' hosted by rapper Ja Rule and featuring FAMU's Epicurean, Faces and Images modeling troupes followed by an after party at Baja's Beach Club. Demp Week wrapped with the Demp Comedy Jam at The Moon featuring comedian/actor Alex Thomas, comedian Lil Duval, and Miami DJ/comedian Benji Brown.

Below, you'll find pictures taken from several Demp Week events such as the fashion show with Ja Rule, the campus invasion on FAMU's 'Set' featuring cast members from BET's Colege Hill: Virgin Islands and BET's College Interns reality shows and the 'Who's Who Party' at The Moon. And let me warn you right now that you will come across several or more random pics of true and utter madness! Trust.



Before finishing high school, Demp began making a name after creating Demp Productions. Soon after, he began spinning records at house parties and producing mix cds. His popularity and dj'ing services went into overdrive once his mix tapes got into the hands of the college crowds (specifically black fraternities and sororities) at F.A.M.U. and F.S.U., garnering the pint-size dj an entire new fan base. In 1996, dude 'went Hollywood'(that's small town talk for making it big) once he began touring with the Ghost Town DJs to promote one of the biggest summertime record of '96, My Boo (peep the video below). While on the road fulfilling his duties as Uncle Luke's official dj, Demp made it his mission to network and maintain contacts with other celebs. And it eventually paid off. By the time 1997 rolled in, Demp decided celebrating his birthday (January 9) one day a year wasn't the business. Subsequently, he gathered his celebrity contacts and other resources and commenced to planning a week full of events to celebrate his bornday. And there you have it: Demp Week was born and in full effect. Celebrities such as LisaRaye, Juvenile, So So Def, Nappy Roots, Twista, Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Trina, the And1 Mixtape ballers, Crime Mob, Field Mob, Cash Money and more (I just don't feel like looking all that shit up at the moment) have all shown their support to the Talley Ho dj.

To this day, Demp (who was recently nominated as DJ of the Year by the Radio One Dirty Awards and honored with the prestigious TJ's DJ's Tastemakers Award) continues to tour and spin records at the hottest celeb parties throughout Florida and beyond. But don't get it twisted though, Demp's an equal opportunity celeb dj. He not only spins records for rap artists, he also tweak the turntables for pro ball celebrities such as Clinton Portis of the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders' player Randy Moss.


Anonymous said...

Look at you reppin Talley Ho and The Set to the fullest. Good looking out, ma. You took it way back too. Had me over here reminising like a muthafucker! Aww man! Keep doing your thang, Pretty.

Quarter Life Crisis of a Black Woman said...

WOW! This takes me back to well let's just say it takes me back to Gut boxes (no slaw extra toast w/ a sweet tea) and CPA. When The Kappa's still had luau and Gorilla thrilla was poppin'. When the set was a class and McGuinn was the nastiest best place I ever lived on campus. ahhh the memories. FAMU most live forever!

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