Saturday, March 29, 2008


Wanna know what unconditional, true hood love looks like? If so, take a close look (if your ass can stand it) at rapper Remy Ma--who was found guilty on two counts of assault and is currently being held in prison until her April 13 sentencing--and her soon-to-hubby rapper Papoose. On Friday, Papoose confirmed to MTV News that he and Remy are, in fact, a couple and had plans to marry next month. Pap also revealed he and his imprisoned wifey are moving forward with their nuptials despite Ma's predicament and are making arrangements to marry in prison. "We always wanted to keep our personal lives personal, so that's why we never went public with our relationship," he wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. "Right now, I just feel like she gotta live through me. Yes, we were scheduled to be married on a yacht April 27th. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now making arrangements to be married in prison."Papoose closed his message by reiterating that Remy Ma would be appealing her case. He also asked for fans to write letters on her behalf, perhaps for a petition to the judge. Remy Ma is scheduled to be sentenced April 23.

"All her supporters who feel Remy had an influence on their life should write a short letter to the judge asking for the shortest sentence possible," he wrote. "Send it to" Earlier this week, in an interview with MTV News prior to Remy Ma's conviction, Papoose declined to comment on her pending case. He explained that the two were friends. With the recent turn of events, the rapper felt it was time to reveal their relationship.


The couple rebutted rumors earlier in the year when New York radio personality Egypt reported that the two would wed. The next day, Papoose told media outlets the reports were false. He shied away from the relationship question in spite of the affection he showed the former Terror Squad star in lyrics. "Remy look good in person, just like she do in the magazines/ So I'mma stay close to Miss Martin like Dr. King," he spit on "Bonnie N Clyde," a mixtape collaboration between the two. The pair also filmed an online video clip of them sparring when Papoose was embroiled in a lyrical slugfest with Remy Ma's former mentor, Fat Joe.

Remy's charges stem from an incident last July when the rapper and Makeda Barnes-Joseph argued after leaving a mutual acquaintance's birthday party. Remy Ma (real name: Reminisce Smith) alleged Barnes-Joseph stole several thousand dollars from her purse that night; Barnes-Joseph was shot after the two struggled in her car. Remy Ma fled the scene in an SUV but crashed nearby. Neither the money nor the weapon have been found.


SoundSavvy said...

Wow... that's a hood love story. But I don't understand how they can expect folks to write letters to a judge for the shortest sentence possible. If she did the crime, she gotta do the time just like every other citizen. I wish her the best in her circumstances, but hip hop artists gotta remember that they aren't above the law...

B.Beretta said...

Thats a hood love story 4 real 4 real but first of all thats some strait up bull shyt 2 say...people could march n da street on some free huey shyt but they cant when it comes to icons in the community... even if they are hip hop artist? yes celebrities should know they arent above the law but we also treat them like they can do anything...this however does not apply to every celebrity and i highly doubt when what ever happened that Remy Ma was really on some ima do what i want and beat the case type shyt....most people famous or not do shyt in the heat of the moment...if i was in trouble whether i was facing time or not id want people 2 support me if it would help make the situation better what kinda fucked up shyt is that to want somebody 2 burn...fuck that do the crime do the time shyt

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