Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Disney star Raven Symone was spotted riding her Segway out in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. I guess Raven has a lot of time on her hands since axing her Pajama Party tour which was supposed to have kicked off this spring but was scrapped for what an AEG Live concert promoter would only call "unforeseen circumstances." And with very little promotion, the star's third solo album, Raven Symone isn't faring too well on the charts. For starters, Raven Symone failed to debut in the top 50 on Billboard's Top 200....coming in at No. 162. Released on April 29th, the album has sold under 5,000 units, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Raven's label Hollywood Records initially shipped 100,000 units. Lord, have mercy. As if that wasn't bad enough, Raven Symone has also sold less copies than Raven's previous studio album, This Is My Time (released in 2004) which sold 19,000 units and debuted at No. 51. However, total sales from Raven's participation in Disney's The Cheetah Girls' films and its soundtracks have sold over 3 million copies total. But the former child star has failed to duplicate those successful numbers on her last three solo albums. In all, she has sold no more than 300,000 copies which is just a couple of hundred thousand units from being certified gold. Bless her heart.

Some may wonder why Raven-Symone continues to make records, rather than focus on her other successful endeavors. Ebony magazine dubbed her the "The $400 Million Woman," referring to how much money the That's So Raven franchise has made. "I have a lot to say," Raven-Symone said. "I love to perform and touch my audience. When you have a movie or TV show, you are not able to touch them the same way. I don't think music will never be apart from my life." Kinda hard to believe that Raven's Disney fan base is so huge, yet it doesn't reflect in either her post-Disney movies or non-Disney music projects.


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