Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Don't expect a jury full of the golden-haired Chester MolesterR. Kelly's fans to determine the fate of the singer who has been charged with several child pornography charges. R. Kelly reportedly showed little emotion Monday and occasionally leaned over to speak with his lawyers as jury selection for his child pornography trial continued in Chicago. According to the Associated Press, the judge and attorneys questioned 150 potential jurors yesterday, asking about their previous knowledge of allegations against the high profile R&B superstar. Steve Cron, a defense lawyer from Santa Monica, Calif., who has practiced for 35 years, tells the AP that it's unlikely the defense could pack the jury with R. Kelly fans, because "the prosecution should be successful in excluding them," he said. Prosecutors may seek well-educated jurors, which could help their cause if they call technical experts to speak about the videotape, he said. The girl believed to be on the videotape, who is now 23, will reportedly testify that it wasn't her. And Kelly's lawyers — including prominent Chicago attorney Ed Genson — haven't conceded that it's Kelly in the video.

On the first day of the trial Friday, Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan addressed the potential jurors. "As you know, this is a high-profile case," he said, according to court transcripts. "And if you don't know, God love you. You're probably the only person on Earth that doesn't."



Anonymous said...

That pic is a hot mess! Well, whatever is kept in darkness must come to light.

Mina said...

r KELY has to not know he is going down for real this time. too much dirt on this pedolphiling nigga.

Bossy said...

lol @ golden haired chester molester!! why does his hair look the pure piss?

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