Monday, May 5, 2008


News of the surprise wedding between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon has "shocked" her friends and associates, according to a US magazine. A source from the pop diva's camp told People that she was "shell shocked" at hearing about the nuptials, which have still not been officially confirmed but were reported to have taken place last week in the Bahamas. Carey, whose has been busily promoting new album E=MC2, is believed to have met rapper and actor Cannon on the set of the video for her next single, Bye Bye, at the end of March. An insider told the magazine that although they did not know each other prior to the shoot, it is likely that the relationship started at this time. And while few knew about the wedding, most appear to be sending their best wishes onto the new Mr and Mrs. "Whatever makes them happy," said rap mogul Russell Simmons. "They have a lot in common and should have a lot of fun together." Cannon's brother Gabriel added: "It's crazy right! We're definitely happy." Nevertheless, another story in People questions whether the alleged wedding is a publicity stunt - and a Cannon source appeared to doubt the coupling as real. "This is what Nick does," the insider said. "Nick is such a sucker for love… he falls in love so quick."

However, a Bahamian church minister has confirmed reports that the couple are indeed husband and wife and claims he presided over their nuptials. Bishop Clifford Petty, who oversees most wedding ceremonies in the Bahamas region, confirmed to the reports were true and states he was the one who performed the union and gave a sermon. Although Petty confirmed the ceremony took place, he has offered no further details about the couple's wedding.



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