Monday, May 5, 2008


“Ya’ll already know, May 13 I’m in court. I need ya’ll to come out there and support. Just because 12 people say something, who weren't there, does not mean nothing. I'm not even mad at people. I'm mad at money or what lack of does to people. It's really sad. Ain't nothing changed, because I'm on the Island... (I'm) still the Queen of NY. Don't be mistaken about a jury that was not my peers. There was no tan (or) dark brown, Black - nothing - on that jury. It's a whole conspiracy against rappers right now so I already knew what it was."
--Imprisoned rapper Remy Ma in an interview with DJ Kay Slay from (Rikers Island) on why she expected the jury to return a guilty verdict, claiming they were biased against her skin color and chosen career path. The rapper, who is currently being locked down for 23 hours a day until her sentencing on May 13, 2008, faces up to 25 years behind bars after being convicted of shooting acquaintance Makeda Barnes Joseph in the abdomen following an argument over money outside a club in New York City.

Listen to entire interview by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

Is this chick serious. U is the Queen of Rikers Island. Come out and support you? I must leave my paying job to come and support you. You made your bed, now lay in it. All yall make a little bit of money and start acting the fool and soon as your foolery get you in trouble, you want my support. Chick please.

Landie said...

I really wish ALL Blogs stop posting shit about this chick and the senseless interviews with her stop! She is GUILTY by association(her song lyrics) and the bitch needs to do some time, since she "claims" she is bad. She is such a chicken head & a shame to the black race. She speaks about nothing worth while...yeah she may get Fat Joe to produced a hot club record but thats all...she doesn't deserve the little bit fame she has and it shows through her actions. Get lost chick, you have no talent!!!! I hate her ass and I hope she reads this so she can get a fucking clue!!!!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

I totally agree with both of the above posts. For some rappers, life is like a box of chocolates until they f*uck up royally. Then they swear up and down that their legal woes are the result of being a rapper.

Remy is the Queen of New her livid mind.

mzvirgo said...

I heard the interview and it sounds like Remy Ma is in denial. She acts like she is in a mansion right now and the reality hasn't sunk in that she is in jail.

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