Monday, August 27, 2007


Before you all continuing reading this post, let me first say that I did not appreciate the fact that those dudes messed up and effed up New Edition's If Isn't Love. Now, maybe it's because I've been a truly, devoted, dedicated and hard loving fan of N.E. for over 20 years. To this day, anytime I see them perform, I find myself turning into a 13 year old, giddy-ass, screaming ass little girl. Yes, my love runs that deep for those guys. I could go on and on all night, but I won't. LOL!

Oh and another thing I wanted to mentioned: I have a strange feeling that those dudes sold their souls to the devil. Diddy is the devil in expensive clothing. With that said, I hope those boys aren't thinking that they're going to be in this business a year from now. Yeah, I'm calling it. I'm even more convinced because of Diddy's track record for fucking people over. I could name names, but you all know who I'm talking about: any and everybody who has ever signed with Bad Boy records. Yeah, I said it! And as I watched the finale last night, I could've swore that the members of Danity Kane didn't want to be anywhere near Diddy. I don't blame 'em. But I'm just saying.
Okay, I've said my piece.LOL!



mr_phillips04 said...


I feel the same way about a few things:

There are certain songs you don't touch... 'End of the Road' is one of them, but they did that song some justice. 'If It Isn't Love' is another one, a REAL R&B CLASSIC!! They needed more practice on that.

I thought I was the only one that noticed how Danity Kane barely wanted to look at Diddy. He shelved them girls shortly after their CD came out. All they can say is they debuted at #1... but what else???

Those cats are destined for one album and then it's over. I hate to say it because they have a LOT of tremendous talent. I really think that talent-wise this was by far the best season of MTB, but it's a shame to see those guys are gonna be done so dirty by Diddy. The devil doesn't wear Prada, he wears Sean John.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

What a straight to the point post! I totally agree on everything you said. What makes me even more unsettled is the fact that Mike Bivins is working with him Everybody knows New Edition's last album should have gotten a whooooooooooooole lot more promotion than it did. He did them so damn wrong that I get pissed just thinking about it. But I guess Puff the Bucktooth Dragon was too busy spending money on those Jackson 5 knock-off dudes called B5 and trying to save the little rapping career he has left that he just disregarded NE.

You would think these boys would be aware of ol dude's sheisty ways. Look at groups like 112, Boyz In Da Hood, The Lox, Total, Dream, O-Town, Da Band. Faith Evans, Black Rob, Shyne, Cassie and of course DK...and the list goes on.

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