Monday, August 27, 2007


Superhead just won't stop. I have a distinct feeling that that loose mouth (no pun intended) of hers is either going to lead to her being found dead in a ditch or getting her ass beat to the point where she's going to wish she was dead. She gon learn. That's all I'm saying. And is it me or is her mouth always open even when she isn't saying anything? Well, now, that I think about it, I guess if you made your living doing what she does/did, your mouth would become accustomed to always being partially open, too.

Read the drama below. It says it all...and then some.

Big Tigger is telling friends that he's filing a lawsuit for slander against Karrine 'Superhead' Stephans, who started the rumor that he and male model Tyson Beckford were once lovers. Also, Tyson's friends are urging him to follow suit. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this ordeal. Will Tigger really follow through?

The following transpired on the Jamie Foxx radio show (Foxxhole). Karrine said she saw Tigger in a hotel room with another man in a compromising position. Foxx's staff called Tigger and put him on the air where he - A) vehemently said that Karinne was lying, B) that he could not understand why Karrine would say something like that when he gave her money to support her kid when she was broke, and C) that "he has never been in front of or behind any man."

Karrine's response was, "But you were lying on your back." Karrine thanked Tigger for giving her money for her son, but immediately questioned Tigger, "So you're going to lie? You don't remember Spring Break [year] when you and Tyson Beckford were in the hotel room? You're going to say that's not true Tigger?" The response from Tigger was that she had no proof and "nothing has ever been in my ass."

In Related News: A few days ago, broke the story that Karrine has nearly 100 sex tapes in a safety deposit box. Since then, we have been informed that a photo/video licensing agency will eventually be getting in contact with her to possibly work out a syndication deal (domestic/overseas) where they would use their media contacts to get the contents in the media and on pay-per-view sites and she will receive 60 percent in profits.



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