Monday, August 27, 2007


With his first new album in nearly four years, Ja Rule was expected to return with The Mirror in September, but it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer -- because it's release date has been pushed back. Now slated for sometime in November, the album's first leaked single was the Lil Wayne assisted Uh Oh, which has already leaked to the net, and according to Rolling Stone, the Rule also has a collaboration with former G-Unit soldier-turned-arch-rival The Game on a track called Sunset. The Game first reached out to Ja for his One Blood remix last year, and now Ja Rule hollered right back. "I don't think people were expecting that," Ja Rule told the magazine about linking up with the West Coast rapper. "But we got a hot record on the album." Will he take shots at 50 this time around? Afterall, many feel 50 Cent ruined Ja's career. Ja says "no." "The whole industry is so focused on beefin' with each other -- it's like the WWF of rap right now," Ja said. "I'm stepping out of the arena. I don't want to be a wrestlin' rapper. Somebody's got to come in and make it positive. You have to make records that make people feel like having a good time."

According to the rapper, his album is focused on expressing himself through feel-good music, but there is also a serious side to the album -- the album's cover being an actual mirror representing the introspective nature of the album. "This record is like my confessions, I'm shedding my skins," he says. "The mirror is your only real moment of truth. It's the place where everybody can go and be honest with themselves."

The Mirror is scheduled to for release in November 13 on Mpire/Murder Inc./ Universal Motown Records.


mr_phillips04 said...

Hmmmm... always been a Ja Rule fan, so I'mma check for this. It's about time. I'm glad he's moving in a different direction from the 50 situation. 50 will be his own demise. I'll be interested to hear this CD. It seems like a lot of rappers are doing introspective records these days. T.I. made a great one with the same concept, let's see if Ja can pull it off. After this hiatus he has no choice but to come back strong, gloves off.

Anonymous said...

I use to really like Ja. I'm glad he's coming back and not on some BS with 50. 50 is on his way out anyway. His starting fake beef with people is so played out.

shevy said...

hmmm wat to say? i have always been Ja rule's Fan, and i pray it remains that way, Ja Rule is one of the best hip hop artist we have now, lets forget about all the beef 50 raised on him, teaming up with game is nice, not about the beef, but we can see two different sweet hp hop mixing together to bring something out of music, like i heard from Ja rule, its not about the beef they are collaborating, but something else, anyway game is good , Ja is also good so lets see wat tey have............. and for 50 fans, i bet ya, he will soon have beef with the PRESIDENT OF AMERICA, and OSAMA BIN LADIN IS GONNA GET HIM DOWN......he is really a snich, hois new album is flopped...........wish him luck in his beef thang........

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