Monday, August 27, 2007


Despite Keyshia Cole's earlier statement, Kelly is 'currently focused on preparing for his trial and has no definite plans for anything beyond that,' according to rep. R. Kelly has denied that he's planning to go on tour in October, despite R&B singer Keyshia Cole's statement to MTV News that she was to be the opening act on the trek. "We're actually going on tour together in October," Cole said on Monday. But Kelly's representative responded with a statement on Thursday (August 23) that reads: "Reports that R. Kelly is planning a concert tour in October are not true. Kelly is currently focused on preparing for his trial and has no definite plans for anything beyond that." Neither Cole nor Kelly's representatives had confirmed when exactly in October such a tour would begin, or denied that one was being planned. The timing seemed implausible for a number of reasons, primarily because Kelly's trial on child-pornography charges begins September 17. The trial is expected to run for four weeks, but could run longer because of the unpredictable length of jury deliberations.

Also, for the past five years, when Kelly wanted to tour outside the Chicago jurisdiction, he had to ask the court for permission — in the form of a letter to the prosecutor's office — to give it time to object (which it often did). However, the state attorney's office told MTV News on Tuesday that Kelly has not yet sought permission to tour this October. Such permission will not be necessary once the trial concludes, as Kelly will either be free to come and go as he pleases, or he'll be awaiting sentencing.


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