Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, well, well. First I want to say that I would've posted this earlier, but I had the hardest time trying to decide which picture to use for this post. Usher and Chilli have taken so many pictures together and about 99.9% of them are all beyond adorable. Pictures don't lie. You can really tell how much a couple loves each other by the expressions on their faces when they're together. Really, you can. Example: Chilli used to look at Usher the way Janet looks at Jermaine...and you know they has GOT to be true love like a mug! I could go on, but I won't. Check out the story below.

Who would have ever thought (or cared enough)that the highs and lows of Usher and Chilli's infamous relationship would ever become the subject of a new novel written by a couple of nannies? I didn't. But it's true. And I know I'm not the only one who thought that the couple, who were once considered as the best looking couple in the entertainment industry, would be together forever. I could go on...but I won't.

The co-authors of bestseller The Nanny Diaries have revealed Usher's failed romance with TLC star Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas was the inspiration for their new book. Nicola Kraus and Emma MCLaughlin admit they wrote Dedication after getting caught up in the controversy surrounding Usher's famous split with his ex. Although neither party has spoken extensively about the break-up, Usher has revealed his infidelity and her wish to marry ended the two-year romance in 2004. Reports have suggested Usher, who recently wed stylist Tameka Foster, who some...well at least me, refer to as an walking negroe spirtual with a long weave, fake titties and a dimpled stomach that she obviously has no problem showing off....look at the pic. Even Usher looks disturbed by it!

used the relationship and it's fall-out as inspiration for his blockbuster 2004 album Confessions.
Kraus and MCLaughlin's new book follows the fortunes of a woman who confronts her high school sweetheart after he used their relationship as inspiration for a pop music career. MCLaughlin tells internet gossip columnist Marc Malkin, "That album was ubiquitous. You could not go anywhere without it pumping out of every car, every restaurant. We couldn't stop thinking about it. "We were like, 'How is Chilli not killing herself right now?'"

Dedication movie adaptation, here they come. Hopefully, if Usher isn't offended by the tome, he'd be up for playing the pop singer, Kraus and Mclaughlin said. As for the woman ready to take on her ex-beau? “BeyoncĂ©!” Kraus said. “Someone fabulous.”

In related news, according to Usher's record label, Jive Records has announced the singer's next album will not be release until mid-2008.


mr_phillips04 said...

People will ride the coattails of celebrity drama just to be noticed... can't believe this. They need to let it go. I mean, anything they write regarding the actual breakup is speculation at most because, as stated there weren't a lot of details divulged by Usher and Chilli.

Naw Son said...


ShayShay said...

I flicked through it at B&N, it didn't seem to have much to do with Usher and Chili. They were both already famous, but the guy in dedication wrote his songs for his high school sweetheart. I'll read someone's used paperback one day. I loved the Nanny Diaries.

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