Wednesday, November 28, 2007


She may still be in prison, but Foxy Brown is back among the general population at Rikers Island after officials there ended her "punitive segregation" 36 days early. Inga Marchand, the real name of Foxy Brown, spent 40 days separated from the general population. Foxy was placed in isolation last month after she reportedly got into a fight with a fellow inmate on their way to the dining hall, according to E! The fight wasn't the only problem for Foxy Brown, who allegedly also refused to submit a urine sample for a drug test. Foxy also reportedly berated corrections officers.

Originally, Foxy Brown was sentenced to 76 days in solitary compartment while her fight-mate only got 11 days. During her 40 days apart, Foxy Brown spent 23 hours a day alone in a cell, including the recent holidays. For that one rare hour a day, Foxy Brown could meet with her lawyer and other visitors or visit the library. 36 days were cut off the sentence due to good behavior. Because of her celebrity status, Foxy Brown is still receiving protective custody as a safety measure in general population.

It won't even be over when Foxy gets out as she still faces multiple counts from an incident where she reportedly threw her BlackBerry at a neighbor. Last month, Foxy Brown pleaded not guilty to assault, attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. And that's not it. There are also two misdemeanor charges from an arrest in Fort Lauderdale last February. Foxy Brown needs to learn how to behave both behind and in front of bars.


Anonymous said...

Hell it is hard to be bad all by yourself. I guess should could have read a hell of a lot of books from the library. LOL....

**She Said** said...

Because of her celebrity status, Foxy Brown is still receiving protective custody as a safety measure in general population

LOL more like because of her fuckery status...I can't stand biyaches who are ignorantly blissful in their ghetto-ness. That biyatch needs a leash..

Stewart said...

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