Thursday, November 29, 2007


Alicia Keys covers next week's issue of Jet magazine. The 26-year-old, well-spoken trained pianist--who has deservingly earned nine Grammy awards: Five for her first release, Songs in A Minor (2001), which sold 10 million albums worldwide; and four for her sophomore effort The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003) which spawned a total of seven million units sold--dished on everything from her physical and mental transition into womanhood since first hitting the music scene in 2001 to rather or not she sees marriage and children in her near future. Check out a couple of excerpts from her interview below.

ALICIA ON HER NEW CD, 'AS I AM': In a lot of ways I guess it's my transition into womanhood. All of the songs have something to say about the things I've experienced. It's special because I've grown as a writer, producer and arranger. Evey way I could have possibly grown, I have.

ALICIA ON THE INTERNET'S EFFECT ON THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: I think it [music distribution] will be totally downloaded in a minute. I just hope there will still be an appreciation for the actual purchase of albums...I think the Internet does make the record-buying process a little bit jagged. It kind of breaks up the process of what an album should be. For my album, it's about the entire experience from the beginning to the end.

ALICIA ON MARRIAGE, ROMANCE AND BEARING CHILDREN: I can see marriage in the future, but not in my near future. *Keys says she's in love with someone, but remains hush-hush on the details about her companion...and who he is* I'm still figuring out a lot about myself and I'm so not ready to be married at all. That's such a big commitment. I'm still really young and I still want to find out more about myself so that I can be mature and secure when I move in that direction. The same rules apply for having children. I don't want to rush that either because that's an even bigger, bigger responsibility.

ALICIA ON HOW SHE'D LIKE HER LEGACY TO BE REMEMBERED: I hope that people would possibly see me as someone who is a great person like them, who has given inspiration and hope and who has done something great for her people.

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