Friday, May 30, 2008


I meant to post this 2 weeks ago, so pardon my lateness on the news. Author, activist and the very first lady of urban fiction, Sister Souljah, has announced on her website that after years of "writing, thinking, traveling and creating," in 2008, she will release Midnight, the sequel to her national best-selling (over 1 million copies sold) urban fiction novel of all time, The Coldest Winter Ever. And although I find myself hyperventilating whenever I think about just how dumb I was to let someone 'borrow' my personalized autographed copy of my precious hardback book which I haven't seen in over five years (I'M LOOKING FOR YOU KELLY!), I'm still anticipating this long-awaited sequel like a mug! It's been over nine years! Sister Souljah says, "The sequel I have written will be quite a surprise I think. My readers will have to get their intellectual weight up! I have worked extremely hard to bring this one to the public. I love it. I was completely dedicated to making sure I didn't cheat my million of readers from hoods, burbs, and villages around the world. I am giving you something you can feel, remember, and use in your own lives. All credit goes to God for gracing me with the talent and the insight. I truly believe God is the greatest author of all times."


The Coldest Winter Ever, a gritty tale about the tumultuous street-ridden life of the daughter of a notorious drug dealer, is usually regarded as the predecessor of the urban lit genre. Atria Books VP Emily Bestler credits the book’s success to Souljah’s raw, yet message-driven storytelling and said that Midnight follows in this tradition. “People who love The Coldest Winter Ever,” she adds, “will devour the story.” The sequel centers on Midnight, a secondary but intriguing character from The Coldest Winter Ever. For this book, Souljah conducted extensive research and traveled to three continents, a fact that Bestler said accounts for the long break between the two books.

I swear to yall I was the first person to read The Coldest Winter Ever! No, really, I was. I just happen to be strolling the aisles of Barnes and Noble one night while saying to myself, 'would it kill them to to designate an area for black novels?! I mean, really!' To this day, it's a bitch having to have to hang your head to the side while walking down damn near each and every aisle trying to find books written by Black authors. But I digress. Anyway, lucky for me I happened to be in the right aisle at the exact time a store employee were putting the books on display. Needless to say, I read the book in ONE night. Trust.

Midnight hits bookstores on October 14, 2008. Pre-order your copy now! Oh, and as for that movie that Jada Pinkett Smith gained the copyrights for, yall may want to stop hoping and wishing on that one. Too much stalling and procrastinating. I'm just happy that the sequel has finally come to fruition. I can't wait to see what Winter Santiaga will have up her sleeve.


Dr. Heather said...

WOW! Thanks for that info!!! I read that book in less than one day, too! It was def a page turner...

I know it's been a minute, but wasn't Midnight the fine brother that Winter wanted to hook up with??

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Hey Dr. Heather! You're welcome! I know I've read the book about 10 times over the years! Reading that book is like watching The Color Purple or Coming to America. I've seen those movies hundreds of times and know what's coming up next...but somewhere in the back of my mind it still feels as if I'm watching it for the first time. That's how I feel when I read Coldest Winter.

And yes, Midnight is the guy Winter was sprung over. He was also her father's street protege which sorta made him off limits. I can see someone like Tyrese or Morris Chestnut playing that role in a movie. Mekhi Phiffer has gotten too fluffy all around his facial region and whatnot, so he won't do.

Oh, Lord, girl, you about to get me started! Let me go. But thanks for stopping by and make sure you pre-order the sequel in October!

Dr. Heather said... are too funny!!!!!! LOL!

From what I remember, Midnight was a youngish dude..maybe 20 to 23, so I'm at a loss as to who would play him in a movie...but your choices are oh so delicious!!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

LOL! You know what's really strange? After I read that book for the first time and even before Foxy Brown went to jail, I could easily see her playing the role of Winter. Either her or Maia Campbell. I just don't know if Foxy has the acting chops for it though cause Winter was a trip and a half! But as far as the physical traits are concerned those two would be the right choice.

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