Thursday, July 10, 2008


Comedian John 'You Got to Coor-dinate' Witherspoon is preparing to release his new Hip-Hop/Comedy album comically titled 63 Cents. The 'BAM, BAM, BAM!' actor-turned-rapper's album will be available on iTunes soon and will be listed under both genres, the accomplished television and film actor told in a new interview. Featuring songs like Don’t Nobody Go In The Bathroom (For About 35-45 Minutes), and Dance Now With Your Big Ole Ass, Witherspoon takes credit for writing the majority of the lyrics on the new project. Also contributing to the album is the Detroit-born comedian’s brother Ron, who produced three tracks on 63 Cents and rapper Big K.

Despite previous collaborations in movies and videos with Kid-N-Play, Ice Cube, Jay-Z and others, don’t expect any guest appearances or even a stellar performance, Witherspoon warns. “It’s just me,” Witherspoon told in a recent interview. “It may not be the best rappin’ in the world, but it’s funny as hell. Very entertaining.” Excuse me yall, but I can barely type because I keep laughing so damn hard at the very thought of old dude having the gall to even record a rap album! What frightens me even more is the fact that I wouldn't mind listening to it! But I'll digress....Anyhoo, Witherspoon will personally fund at least two videos from the new album, one for Dance, and the other for Don’t Be P*ssy Whipped (Whip that P*ssy!).


Perhaps best known for his turn as cantankerous patriarch Mr. Jones in the Friday trilogy, Witherspoon has appeared in several urban classics, including Boomerang, Hollywood Shuffle, House Party and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. He also has roles in cult classic Hip-Hop films (which ain't have no business being released in theaters, video rental stores or online) like I Got The Hook Up and Soul Plane. His even lengthier television credits include appearances on TV shows like 227, Amen, Barnaby Jones, Good Times, What’s Happenin’, and of course his four year run on The Wayans Brothers as John “Pops” Williams. Most recently, Witherspoon voiced the character of Robert “Grandad” Freeman on Adult Swim’s popular series The Boondocks, based on the highly-acclaimed comic strip of the same name.

“I relate to the younger people because those movies and TV shows kind of stop your aging,” Witherspoon said of his most recent body of work. “I’m still like a young person on those projects.” Witherspoon’s first hour-long stand up special, You Got To Coordinate, which premiered on Showtime in March, is currently available in DVD and CD format, as well as on iTunes.


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