Thursday, July 10, 2008


Mattel Inc. is making a limited-edition Barbie series based on the oldest black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and will introduce it this week at the group's biennial convention in Washington D.C. AKA Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority, is outfitted in a pink and green evening gown, matching jeweled shoes and gold jewelry, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The Mattel doll will sell for $50 through the Barbie Collector catalog, the Barbie website and retailers. The sorority will pocket a percentage of the sales. The limited-edition Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority from Mattel.

AKA has inducted about 200,000 members -- including entertainers Phylicia Rashad, Lynn Whitfield, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Jomarie Payton-Noble (Family Matters), Star Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, educator Marva Collins, civil rights activists Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks, authors Toni Morrison and the late BeBe Moore Campbell and 1984 Miss America, Suzette Charles and 1990 Miss America, Dr. Debbye Turner and many others-- since its founding at Howard University in 1908.


Anonymous said...

That's cute but if they gon make one for one BGLO then they need to make one for them all.

onenine08 said...

Nah -- Just one for AKA is fine. Just kidding. Maybe they are doing them in order.

masterp said...

like always the other sororties will follow the leaders. besides we're the first we deserve special treatment.

KappaChino said...

wow an AA doll with ethnic features. well they could have at least made the doll's 'skin tone' more darker. Not all AKAs are light skinned, but then again leave it the AKAs to approve of something like this. A damn shame is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Nah - AKA deserves it
i agree not all AKAs are lightly tone but Im sure they went of a stereotype - so Im guessin if they make 1 for each that da detla doll will b darkskin da zeta will b a at-large girl and da sg rho will look like a pretty teacher. kould u imagine if they made ken frat at least kappa n alphas will sale i wonder how many K's will get a dol b4 groundlevel girls

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