Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Looks as if Jennifer Lopez has her hands in everything these days. The 'booty-full' Latina can now add another career title to her bursting at the seams resume. Lopez is reportedly developing a half-hour television comedy series about Quinceaneras.
Jennifer Lopez is developing a new television series set in the world of Quinceaneras, a cultural event in the Latin community that celebrates a girl's 15th birthday. The Amigas Sweet 15 Club, billed as a half-hour comedy with dramatic undertones, follows five teens as they use their collective talents (one is a singer, one is a DJ, one is a graphic artist, etc.) to launch an after-school party-planning business aimed at helping Latina girls throw their dream Quinceanera bashes, according to the Hollywood Reporter.Each episode would focus on a different girl and on how her family and cultural background play into planning the event.

The project from Lopez's Nuyorican Prods. banner is based on an original idea by Jane Startz, who produced the film and TV series based on the popular The Baby-Sitters Club books. There are also plans to develop a series of young adult books, Latin music-inspired CDs and potentially other franchise properties based on the project that would target female tweens. Lopez will be heavily involved in all producing aspects of the project, specifically music and casting, said Simon Fields, a principal at Nuyorican Prods.


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