Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Chris “Ludacris” Bridges will be among the guest lecturers subbing for a real university professor in the MTV series Stand In, which invites artists to take command of a college course. According to the music channel, Luda will "surprise a college classroom, stand-in for a professor and take students out of their books for a chance to learn from those making history today." A new season of the series begins in October. Other guest professors include singer Annie Lennox and Ellen Johnston-Sirleaf, the President of Liberia.
Meanwhile, Ludacris premieres a new season of his XM satellite radio show "Disturbing Tha Peace Presents: Ludacris' Open Mic" on Sept. 8 on channel 66. The rapper-turned-actor says of the new season: "My show on XM is the most entertaining hour of radio, period. And it only gets better with time."

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