Monday, October 27, 2008


Rev. Run's darling daughter's Angela and Vanessa Simmons have moved out of their daddy's home, Run's House and on to their own reality series. Revealed on AOL's Blackvoices, the Simmons sisters are slated to appear on Daddy's Girls, a spin-off reality series that will follow the sisters as they adjust to life in Los Angeles. Slated to air on MTV, Daddy's Girls will also showcase Angela and Vanessa Simmons' 'Pastry' shoe and clothing line as the girls transform the line into a more grown-up brand. "I appreciate my process because that's going to make me stronger in the end and the best talent that I can possibly give the world" says Vanessa Simmons.

Listen to them sounding all independent and whatnot. Moving out on their own isn't the only thing the two sisters intend on doing. They're also joining in with other celebrities in a campaign to urge young adults (and even the old ones) to vote on November 4th.

In the meantime, check out Angela and Vanessa attending the Lauren Conrad fashion show during Fashion Week.



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