Monday, October 27, 2008


Ciara has been named Billboard's Woman of the Year. Last Friday, October 24th, Billboard's 3rd Annual Women in Music committee recognized Ciara's success as a recording artist and leadership in embracing the changing music business. The actual award was presented to the star during a breakfast program to be held at New York's St. Regis Hotel. An editorial issue of Women In Music will be published by Billboard on Oct. 24. This incident reminds me of when the upper-ups over there at the Soul Train bestowed upon Ashanti the 'Aretha Franklin Entertainer of the Year Award' back in 2002. Just stepping onto the scene, some people felt that she wasn't worthy of the award. What has Ciara done over the past year that would deem her worthy enough for a Woman of the Year title? If you know, let me know because I really want to know.

In related news, Ciara has also revealed plans to launch her own clothing line with budget department store Steve & Barry's, following in the footsteps of actress Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten range. "I have a couple of cool things that I'm working on. The coolest thing about Steve & Barry's is they cater to everyday people. I won't say that my line will be like theirs, I want to stay true to who I am, but most importantly it has to be affordable." If her album Fantasy Ride continues to get pushed back, she's going to have more time than she thinks to get this clothing line launched. Speaking on the delay of her album, Ciara says, "As of now December 9th and if it gets pushed back it's only because its so many great things I want to make sure I give you guys before you get the actual package in your hands."

Ummmm-hmmm. Peep the pics from Ciara's Woman of the Year breakfast below.



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