Monday, October 27, 2008


I know I'm not the only one who was sad to see Toni Braxton eliminated from this season's Dancing with the Stars...especially when we have to be subjected to the geriatric-foolery that is Cloris Leachman! Anywho, Toni recently said that her departure from DWTS was bittersweet and that she truly considers her run a complete success because she overcame her heart condition to master the demanding ballroom routines each week. "My goal was reached," Braxton, who has coronary microvascular angina, told The Associated Press after being voted off Tuesday night. "I wanted to do better. I wanted to breathe better. And I was definitely breathing better. I've come a long way from Week One to Week Now." Braxton and her professional partner, Alec Mazo, received a score of 22 out of 30 from the show's judges during Monday's performance after a respectable West Coast swing routine. The Unbreak My Heart crooner was booted after that score was combined with viewer votes.

In related news, the singer says she has finally 'come to terms' with her youngest son, 5-year-old Diezel's autism after years of feeling nothing but confusion and guilt following his diagnosis. "You tend to blame yourself," the singer admits in the Oct. 27 issue of People, adding that she tortured herself with the question: "Is there something I did wrong?" Braxton says it took some time and a lot of patience to accept her son's condition. "A lot of times, parents are in denial because they want to think their child is perfect." With the help of an applied behavioral analysis (ABA) specialist who works with Diezel both at home and at school, Toni's family appears to have brighter days ahead. "A friend of mine told me, 'Toni, all these autistic kids in the world now, they are God's new angels, and they are here to show us life differently.' I've been embracing that. He's a wonderful kid."

Toni attends the 2008 Spirit of Life Award dinner honoring Doug Morris in Santa Monica, California.

Toni and Kim Kan't-Dance-shian at the Grand Opening of XIV Restaurant in West Hollywood, California.



xtnshun said...

The thing about Toni is that she genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself, and genuinely glad to be given the opportunity.

jennie said...

It was sad to see Toni get eliminated when Cloris is still going to be dancing up storm tonight!
She was beautiful dancing and I am so happy that she overcame her heart condition.
Can't wait to see what she does next she is an inspiration to us all...

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